Sciatica pain can impact your every day life. The symptoms can causenumbness in the foot, shooting pain in the leg, lower back pain and difficulty standing. Sciatica often affects one side of the body, and the pain levels are different for each person. For some, the pain is irritating, but daily tasks can still be achieved. For others, the pain can be so severe that they are unable to find a comfortable position and complete even the smallest tasks. Regardless of your pain level, there are ways to get pain relief from sciatica.

Holistic CareMiddle aged woman smiling

Holistic care takes a different approach to sciatica when compared traditional medicine. Getting to the root of the problem is going to be the top priority. After a physical exam by a doctor, you’ll get a customized plan so that your body regains its strength and naturally heals itself. Many people want to avoid surgery or heavy medication because these aren’t always effect and can simply cover up the problem rather than cure it.

Diet Changes

Your diet can cause sciatica pain to flare up because it directly impacts your weight. When at a healthy weight, your body doesn’t put as much pressure on the nerve when sitting and exercising. Diet changes are also important to ensure you get the right nutrients that help relieve pain rather than causing it to flare up.

Smart Exercise Choices

Exercise is a vital part of pain relief when it comes to sciatica pain. But, not all exercise is going to be helpful. Go to a pain management clinic to learn more about the exercises that are designed to manage sciatica. Swimming and yoga are popular choices for people managing pain. Make sure you don’t lay in bed or rest for too long because this can actually make the pain last longer.

Staying Hydrated

Even being a little dehydrating can impact your health, and when you have sciatica, it can trigger pain rather than relieving it. Soda and other sugary beverages aren’t going to keep you hydrated though. Discuss with your pain management doctor how much water you should be getting a day and what good alternatives are to shake things up a bit!

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps increase blood flow and is an excellent way to learn about the best movements for your body. When doing these stretches on your own, it can be easy to rush or make small mistakes. Having a professional therapist guide you through the stretches allows you to slow down and pay attention.

Schedule a free consultation or visit a pain clinic

If you’re serious about reducing sciatica pain, then take the time to visit a pain clinic or schedule an appointment. The doctor will begin with a conversation about the pain that you’re feeling, and then create a customized solution for you. You don’t have to push through the pain or take heavy medication. There is relief and it begins by taking that first step and visiting our office.