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Location, Time, Address

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Stem Cell Therapy is effective for treating osteoarthritis, knee cartilage degeneration, damaged muscle tissue, damaged tendons and ligaments, knee injury or degeneration, damaged knee caps, and sore knees.

For some people, surgery just isn’t an option whether that’s due to a busy personal life or a demanding work schedule. For others the procedure is too intimidating or weighs too heavily on their health for the duration of the recovery period for it to be a realistic option.

Stem Cell Therapy is perfect for anyone who suffers from these issues and wants to be whole without painful surgery.

At Nona Medical Arts we believe [fusion_tooltip title=”Everting You Need To Be Pain Free!”] living pain free[/fusion_tooltip] starts with a conversation between the mind, body, and spirit. By taking a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to pain management, the chronic pain that overcomes your daily life can be something of the past.  Innovative therapies delivered by our compassionate medical staff allow you to achieve your best quality of life in today’s active world.

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