Pain Management

Pain Management

Chronic pain is complex. Due to its complexity, there are many treatment options that include pain therapies such as surgery, non-surgical procedures, mind-body techniques, physical therapy and too often, daily medication. Nona Medical Arts has many options for treating chronic pain that are both traditional and non-traditional. Natural pain relief options such as lifestyle changes, physical therapy and counseling in addition to traditional pain relief can be helpful. Remember, effective treatment starts with the right diagnosis. Once your pain has been properly diagnosed, we can begin on a pain treatment plan that is best for you and your lifestyle.

Pain Management is Personal

Pain management does not mean all patients are treated equal. Well, it certainly does when speaking of bedside manner. But, when talking about the right treatment options, we take it very seriously. Our end goal is for the patient to be the happiest and healthiest possible. Physically and mentally, we provide a personalized protocol to treat the ailments that keep you from living your best life.

How do you know if you have acute or chronic pain?

The pain management team lead under Dr. Richard Gayles is a highly trained, versatile group of physicians that take your health very seriously. If you are in constant or variable pain, it can greatly affect the quality of life and everyday tasks. With each consultation, extended time is taken with each patient to access, locate the origin of pain, then determine the best pain management plan. A plan that will continue to keep pain at bay.

Conditions That May Be Keeping You From Your Best Life