Pain is a subjective feeling. It is one of the commonest symptom or complaint for which people visit hospital. Different people experience it at different levels, degrees and in different forms. Visit pain specialist Orlando FL for best results.

Pain can be described in a variety of ways and it presents as acute, chronic or regional/seasonal. Though one describes pain in a variety of ways, everyone knows to differentiate between a cut-wound pain and a muscle pain. So in fact, pain is an unpleasant sensory feeling which our body or mind is experiencing. By which our body is trying tell us that something is wrong. It is a highly evolved self-protection mechanism of our body.

pain specialist orlando flPain can occur when there is a physical trauma or any pathological inflammatory processes going on in our body.

These are the 2 common causes attributed for any physical pain sensation described by the patients. Sometimes emotional instability or stress can also be a cause for physical pain. In this case you can visit pain specialist Orlando FL.

However there is a threshold level for this sensation, beyond which we feel pain and this threshold level varies among different people.

If the pain causing stimuli is less than the threshold level of the affected person, then he/she won’t be able to appreciate it that much.

For example, for a minor cut-wound injury itself, responses and the intensity of the sensation varies from children to adults, girls to boys and men to women.

But as we slowly start experiencing it at various times, our tolerance and threshold level increases.

When a peripheral pain stimulus is elicited, it is carried by the peripheral sensory nerve roots to brain via spinal cord. Brain senses it as pain stimulus and sends back motor responses to the periphery. It’s a reflex phenomenon.

For example, when a fire is brought near our fingers, we almost suddenly withdraw our hands from the source of those painful stimuli.

Similarly when suddenly we get pricked, we all will have reflex response to it. However when we are continuously exposed to such a painful stimuli, we start developing tolerance towards it.

Therefore developing tolerance towards pain up to a certain degree is a good thing and beyond that safety limit would be harmful for us.

This not only applies for physical pain alone, it applies the same for mental pain and emotional distress as well. One can develop high tolerance to pain by continued and long term exposure to it.

But under normal circumstances, high pain tolerance of physical pain can be due to a Genetic defect or a Neurological disorder.

Most of the times it presents as a neurological sequelae of some Central nervous system disorder or peripheral nerve injuries. Visit pain specialist Orlando FL.

High pain threshold is seen in Prader-Willi syndrome. It’s a congenital disorder due deletion of paternally inherited chromosomal 15q11.2-q13 region. It’s characterized by hypotonic (reduced tone of the muscle) and global developmental delay in infants and children.

In case of physical pain and when you can’t get rid of it for a long period of time then it is time to visit pain specialist Orlando FL.