Stem Cell Therapy & Treatments
(Autologous & Donor Cells)

Stem cell therapy uses cells that haven’t yet been assigned to a specific function. So when the doctors extract them, they are re-allocating them to a place where they are more helpful for your body. Once they are allocated, the cells take on the properties of the damaged or lacking cells, so they are building you new cartilage from the cells that were already inside.

In some cases a few treatments may be required to fully heal the affected region, but you’re not out for the count in the time between. The end result is that you’ll be able to enjoy your life better than before, with revitalized energy and flexibility, while the remaining treatments finish what was started. Patients can expect that where there was pain now feels and works better than ever before.

Dr. Richard Gayles

stem cell therapy

I want to show you exactly how Stem Cell Therapy can change your life forever.

Whether it’s keeping you from sleep, from playing at the park with your kids or grandkids, or making life in general painful and difficult; knee pain is not something you should have to endure, especially now that Medical Experts have discovered a safe and effective new treatment without the need of surgery! In the past, if you wanted to get treatment for knee pain, Doctors would prescribe medication that only went as far as treating the symptoms. If you wanted anything more effective you’d have to resort to extremely painful surgery with a recovery time that makes you wonder if treatment is even worth it at all. But, this new solution for knee pain is almost painless and takes only an hour or two to complete.

Research in Stem Cells goes as far back as 1968, and in that time they discovered Stem Cells could be used to treat leukemia as well many other diseases. Scientists and Medical Professionals today have made many advances so that this treatment can be brought to you easily, safely, and ethically. Stem Cell Therapy has been used to treat osteoarthritis, wounded tendons and ligaments, heal damaged muscle tissue, and the list goes on. It’s no wonder something as extraordinary as this could be used to treat knee pain. But how exactly does it work?

How Stem Cells Work

Joint pain is often caused by cartilage being worn down, and the degeneration of other parts of the body, and if that problem persists for too long you could end up with bone rubbing against bone. Cartilage is a smooth layer that protects your bones from rubbing against each other when they’re in use or resting. When the cartilage wears down the surface becomes rough, making it painful to move around, reducing flexibility, and after a day’s work, leaves you with sore and aching joints in your resting time.

Essentially, Stem Cell Therapy is able to reverse the breakdown of cartilage and restore your joints to their original condition. First, the doctors will collect stem cells from your own tissue. But don’t worry, this is completely non-surgical and no scalpels are necessary.
A needle is used to extract the stem cells and then after only a few minutes of preparation it is re-injected into the region that is causing you pain. From there the stem cells begin working on the worn down cartilage and repair it back to peak condition.

Is This Right For You?

Stem Cell Therapy is effective for treating osteoarthritis, knee cartilage degeneration, damaged muscle tissue, damaged tendons and ligaments, knee injury or degeneration, damaged knee caps, and sore knees. For some people, surgery just isn’t an option whether that’s due to a busy personal life or a demanding work schedule. For others the procedure is too intimidating or weighs too heavily on their health for the duration of the recovery period for it to be a realistic option.

Stem Cell Therapy is perfect for anyone who suffers from these issues and wants to be whole without painful surgery.