Regenerative Medicine Does Work

Regenerative Medicine Does Work Stem cells operate by morphing into any cell that is in need of repair. For example, say, if you need help with an injury from sports or simply aging, stem [...]

What To Expect After Stem Cell Therapy

It is essential that after your stem cell procedure, you follow the instructions put in place by your doctor. This will ensure a quick and effective recovery. In the days following ... You can [...]

Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Throughout the years you may have read information about the regenerative medicine treatments offered by Nona Medical Arts. Regenerative medicine treatments at NMA, an Orlando based medical facility, has successfully treated everything from minor [...]

Facilitating Pain Relief Through Healing

AVOID SURGERY, MEDICINES and DOWNTIME Facilitating pain relief through healing over the past ten to twenty years the medical field has grown exponentially. Medications have been created roved upon, surgeries are now being performed [...]

Regenerative musculoskeletal medicine

Regenerative musculoskeletal medicine is best when dealing with common issues related to aging or overuse or improper use of a body part, causing pain. Your body's musculoskeletal system includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and [...]

Identifying Your Neck Pain

Identifying your neck pain to select proper treatment It is so important to have your neck and back pain properly diagnosed so that you can proceed to chose the most correct treatment for your [...]

Merritt Island Regenerative Medicine

Merritt Island Regenerative Medicine Have you been told that you need surgery for a degenerative joint condition? Have you had disc disease in your back? Are you wondering "what can I do to avoid [...]

Dr. Gayles seeing patients in Brevard

BREVARD COUNTY • MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA – He’s back! After several years practicing in the Orlando area, Dr. Richard Gayles has come back home to Brevard, and folks in pain will feel a [...]

Back & Neck Pain: The Unsettling Truth

Back & Neck Pain: Why You Need to See a Specialist As one of the most complex structures of bones in your body, your back carries the weight of all of your activities. From [...]

Stem Cells and Knee Pain

Stem Cells and Knee Pain — Understanding it Fully Stem cells and knee pain, from a patient’s perspective, is a big deal. If you’re told that you have an arthritic knee and that you’re [...]

Regenerative Therapy: Decathlete’s Magic Bullet

This time last year, Solomon Simmons was running out of options. The 6’4” professional decathlete, ranked #2 in the nation, had been struggling with a lingering hamstring injury for the last 8 months. Now, [...]

Stellate Ganglion Block PTSD

Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD At any given time, approximately 8 million United States adults are living with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD; however, that number represents only a small fraction of the adults [...]

Spine and Disc Dysfunction | New Treatments

Spine and Disc Dysfunction - New Treatments for Pain Spine and disc dysfunction (back and neck pain) are among the leading causes of physician visits today. Researchers estimate that up to 85 percent of the [...]

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