Throughout the years you may have read information about the regenerative medicine treatments offered by Nona Medical Arts.

Regenerative medicine treatments at NMA, an Orlando based medical facility, has successfully treated everything from minor acute wounds and injuries to the most complex pain injuries, including the spine and neck, with the use of non-invasive therapy lasers and healthy cells.

Our clinic’s success rates have been astounding. NMA has helped people recover from the pain from one or more failed surgeries as well as help people avoid surgery in general.  Their patient population is full of the worst of worst pain patients suffering with such severe pain that many are unable to live a normal life.

Since its inception, Nona Medical Arts has continued to search for cutting edge regenerative technologies (similar to the laser) to further help patients win the battle associated with severe and chronic pain conditions.

Years ago, we were introduced to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cell Treatments.

After extensive research and education, our clinic started implementing these two new treatment options. The results were so dramatic that the clinic has refocused its direction from an exclusive pain management clinic to adding regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine treatments are a game-changing area for the health and medical community for the treatment of chronic conditions. There are three interrelated approaches to regenerative medicine: Rejuvenation, Replacement and Regeneration.

• Rejuvenation means boosting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

• Replacement involves using healthy cells to replace damaged ones.

• Regeneration involves delivering specific types of cells or cell products to damaged areas to facilitate restoration.  The core focus is based around the concept that the human body is capable of healing itself. if the environment of healing can be created, the body’s own healing powers can be harnessed and super-charged.

Regenerative medicine treatments, such as stem cells, are unspecialized cells with the potential to develop into any type of cell.

They are essentially unassigned soldier cells waiting to be called into action. Stem Cells help heal areas of injury or illness by rebuilding and repairing damaged tissue.

According to NMA, we all have stem cells waiting to jump to action when help is needed in the body.

With age and injury, there is a gradual decline in the regenerative properties of most tissues due to a combination of age-dependent changes in the tissue-specific stem cells and in the environmental cues that promote those cells to participation in tissue maintenance and repair.

Sometimes, due to our age or extent of injury, our own stem cells just don’t have the horsepower to get the job done. Since we are all only as good as our stem cells, we need help and now it can come in the form of several types of stem cell procedures.

Stem Cells can be injected into most areas of damaged tissue (the cause chronic pain) including but not limited to shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, feet/ankles, low back and cervical (neck) areas.

Stem Cells and PRP Treatments both work by assisting your body’s natural healing ability to repair tissues, reduce pain and make you healthier. They can be used for treatments ranging from minor injuries to the most severe chronic conditions. 

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy is the process in which a clinician uses the patient’s own blood to create a super-charged natural healing serum.

The process is quite simple: blood is drawn from the patient, spun in a centrifuge and then once the platelets are separated from the blood components, the clinician injects the PRP into the area needing repair and the body does the rest.

PRP injections aim to embrace and stimulate the inflammatory process, which in turn encourages the healing process. PRP focuses on restoring normal tissue compositions while avoiding further degeneration.

PRP can be used to treat musculoskeletal injuries including but not limited to:

Tennis elbow (common extensor tendinitis), Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), Jumper’s knee (patellar tendinitis), Achilles tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis, Hamstring tendons, Adductor tendons, Gluteal tendons, Muscles (including but not limited to the hamstring, calf and quadriceps), Bursitis, Knee tendon tears, osteoarthritis of the joint (even if the patient has been told the joint is bone-on-bone.

Laser Therapy has been shown in clinical studies and real world applications generate a photochemical response in damaged or dysfunctional tissue commonly believed to change the condition of the damaged tissue by stimulating cellular metabolism which thereby stimulates the body’s healing process.

NMA lasers are the most advanced available on the market, FDA-cleared, non-invasive, pain free and have no known adverse effects.

Lasers are able to target underlying causes of acute and chronic pain and have the ability to reduce and eliminate shallow and deep tissue and nerve conditions. They can be used on their own, as a form of therapy for chronic pain or to photo-activate (jumpstart) the PRP and/or stem cells.

 “I walked in on a cane with a heavy does of skepticism. I was suffering with severe pain in my neck and low back. I could not walk for more than 10 feet without excruciating pain. Within three weeks of my injection cocktail and laser treatments, I was off my cane and able to walk again with no pain. I find myself dancing into the office.” – Michael W.

“After seeing three orthopedic surgeons, I was very discouraged. I had a frozen shoulder and was told I would not get any range of motion back without shoulder replacement surgery. I came into the consultation with very little hope; however afterwards, I was quite optimistic. Three to four weeks after receiving stem cells, PRP and laser treatments, I had 75 to 80% range of motion back in my shoulder and was back to working out 4 times a week. I feel like I’ve been given my active life back and I was able to completely avoid surgery.” – John G.

Nona Medical Arts is focused on finding and implementing the latest technologies available that fall into the regenerative health and medicine framework.

The latest examples of that effort are the introduction of Stem Cell and PRP injections that have become the gold standard for treating professional athletes with acute and chronic pain conditions.

Now that phenomenal technology has been made available to Brevard County’s mainstream population including everyone from weekend warriors to the elderly with a long history of pain conditions.

If you are interested in learning how we can help you, Call our office at (407) 412-5030 to schedule a consultation.