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We pride ourselves in providing excellence through regenerative medicine therapies. Nona medical arts has 2 centers in Florida, Orlando and Merritt Island.

Nona Medical physicians all have thousands of hours of experience with injection-based procedures and receive hundreds of hours of specialized training in our cutting edge, Interventional Orthopedics protocols.

Nona uses precise image guidance, top notch lab-processing techniques, and our research-driven orthopedic protocols to deliver regenerative results with unmatched quality.

When the body has been injured or invaded by disease, the body’s natural instinct is to defend and heal itself. Regenerative Medicine harnesses the body’s natural power to heal itself in an accelerated, clinically relevant way.

Regenerative therapies work to restore structure and function of damaged tissues using stem cells, platelets, growth factors and other naturally occurring nutrients to encourage cellular and soft tissue regeneration and reconstruction within the affected area.

Regenerative medicine is for those who want to explore alternative treatment options when pain management or invasive surgery is not the preferred option.

Health & Wellness

regenerative medicineOccasionally, chronic pain can stem from, or be exacerbated by, such ailments as constant stress, rapid weight gain, a poor diet or even addiction. Your mental and physical condition can be a key factor as to why you are in daily pain.

Traumatic experiences such as a major accident can not only wreak havoc on your physical being but affect you emotionally as well.

Excessive weight gains over a short, or long period of time can increase pressure on your joints causing cartilage and tissue to deteriorate, that can lead to chronic pain.

Whatever it is you may be experiencing, or have experienced, we help get to root of the problem by performing a complete health and wellness check-up that can uncover the underlying symptoms of your pain then develop a program that will put you on the path to better health

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