Vertebroplasty is a procedure in which a special cement is injected into a fractured vertebra

The goal is to relieve your spinal pain and restore your mobility. Not all people with fractured vertebrae are candidates for the procedure, however.

VertebroplastyVertebral augmentation, which includes vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty, are similar spinal procedures in which bone cement is injected through a small hole in the skin.

The cement that is placed into a fractured vertebra can relieve back pain caused by vertebral compression fractures.

Is vertebroplasty major surgery?

This is a minimally invasive surgery because it is done through a small puncture in the skin instead of an open incision.

What is the success rate for Vertebroplasty?

A study by Kim et al, found percutaneous vertebroplasty to be an effective treatment for osteoporosis vertebral compression fractures. The investigators determined that back pain improved in 92% of the study’s 673 patients, who under went single-level or multilevel treatment.

How to sit with a fractured vertebrae

Push your body up off of the bed with your arms while keeping your back straight, so you come up to a sitting position on the side of your bed.

At the same time, lower your legs over the side of the bed while keeping your back straight. Continue to lower your legs until your feet hit the floor, and remain upright.

What happens if my spinal fracture is left untreated?

When a bone fracture is left untreated, it can result in (1) either a nonunion or (2) a delayed union.

In the former case, the bone won’t heal at all, meaning that it will remain broken.

As a result, swelling, tenderness, and pain will continue to worsen over time.

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