Facilitating pain relief through healing over the past ten to twenty years the medical field has grown exponentially. Medications have been created roved upon, surgeries are now being performed remotely and more recently, the world of regenerative medicine exploded on the scene as a major player in the medical industry.

What was once considered experimental, controversial research has turned into a thriving industry that keeps pushing forward and breaking new ground.

Regenerative medicine is the restorative process used to restructure and improve the function of damaged tiss ans, joints, and nerves on a cellular level.

Facilitating pain relief through healing, with various treatments

It has proven effective in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from cervical/lumbar pain, to knees that are bone on bone, to something as simple as plantar fasciitis.

Patients treated using different cellular based therapies such as lasers, PRP injections (Platelet Rich Plasma), stem cell therapy, prolotherapy.

Regenerative medicine can be administered for both preventative measures as well as existing conditions to help avoid surgeries, prescription pain pills, and steroid injections; all of which have the potential to deteriorate your health long term.

Why is that so important?

When a patient makes the decision to undergo surgery or receive injections they typically only focus on an isolated area of the body, temporarily taking care of only a portion of the pain experienced, key word being “temporarily”.

By focusing on the “one” problem and not addressing the body as a whole, patients often find themselves back to square one, if not worse than before. Instead, we focus on facilitating pain relief through healing the source.

Pain Relief Through Healing

Regenerative medicine takes a systematic, long lasting, whole body approac ving pain, rather than treating and masking the symptoms only. This approach allows the original source of the pain to be tracked down and treated along with the symptomatic issues.

For example, when a patient experience joint pain or discomfort, it will typically not only present itself only in the region of the joint, but also down the IT band which can ultimately cause knee pain.

Facilitating pain relief through healing and taking all of this into consideration, a treatment protocol can be created to ensure that the patient has been rid of both the referred pain and the primary source of pain.

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