What To Expect After Stem Cell Therapy

It is essential that after your stem cell procedure, you follow the instructions put in place by your doctor. This will ensure a quick and effective recovery. In the days following ... You can expect a wide range of pain levels. Over several days, the pain will dissipate. We recommend staying away from anti-inflammatory [...]

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stem cells for degenerative osteoarthritis

Stem cells have become a popular topic in the medical world due to their potential to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. One such condition is degenerative osteoarthritis, a condition that affects the joints and bones and can cause pain and disability. Recent research has shown that stem cells may be able to [...]

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Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Throughout the years you may have read information about the regenerative medicine treatments offered by Nona Medical Arts. Regenerative medicine treatments at NMA, an Orlando based medical facility, has successfully treated everything from minor acute wounds and injuries to the most complex pain injuries, including the spine and neck, with the use of non-invasive [...]

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Regenerative musculoskeletal medicine

Regenerative musculoskeletal medicine is best when dealing with common issues related to aging or overuse or improper use of a body part, causing pain. Your body's musculoskeletal system includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. These all work together to support your body's weight load and help you move freely. Injuries, disease and [...]

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Regenerative Therapy: Decathlete’s Magic Bullet

This time last year, Solomon Simmons was running out of options. The 6’4” professional decathlete, ranked #2 in the nation, had been struggling with a lingering hamstring injury for the last 8 months. Now, it was getting worse, threatening to put an early end to his season. Solomon had exhausted the usual therapies; rehab, [...]

Stellate Ganglion Block PTSD

Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD At any given time, approximately 8 million United States adults are living with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD; however, that number represents only a small fraction of the adults who’ve witnessed or been exposed to a trauma in the past year. Worldwide, nearly 45 million people struggle with PTSD, [...]

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Spine and Disc Dysfunction | New Treatments

Spine and Disc Dysfunction - New Treatments for Pain Spine and disc dysfunction (back and neck pain) are among the leading causes of physician visits today. Researchers estimate that up to 85 percent of the population experiences moderate to severe episodes of back or neck pain. We no longer have to accept this discomfort as [...]

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Lake Nona Regenerative Medicine — FREE Educational Seminars — Dates & Times Below — RSVP (407) 412-5030

Your body can heal itself [fusion_tooltip title="Be Pain Free!"]Without the shackles of daily drugs or the need for invasive surgery.[/fusion_tooltip] Non-surgical, Regenerative Alternatives! Educational Seminars: RSVP! Limited seating. Meet Dr. Gayles & Guest Speaker, Nicole Hadjadj of RestoraLife Regenerative Care Location, Time, Address Location, Time, Address [...]

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