Regenerative Medicine Does Work

Stem cells operate by morphing into any cell that is in need of repair. For example, say, if you need help with an injury from sports or simply aging, stem cell treatments are injected into that area.

After being injected into the specific area, the cells stem out and multiple, creating new bone, cartilage, blood vessels, white bold cells, muscles etc.

Most patients that seek regenerative medicine are in pain and need relief from that pain, as fast as possible.

PRP (Plasma rich in platelets) is also an option.

What is Plasma? Your Answer is here!

Plasma is often looked over as part of your blood. White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets are important to body function.

However, plasma also plays a key role. This fluid carries all blood components throughout the entire body.

Plasma is the largest part of your blood, making up more than half (about 55%) of its overall content.

When separated from the rest of the blood, plasma is a thicker, light yellowish liquid. Plasma carries water, salts and enzymes.

When used to heal the body, the main job of plasma is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts of the body that need it.

Plasma cells also help remove waste from the body. Blood plasma also carries all parts of the blood through your circulatory system.

This is how plasma keep you healthy …

Plasma is a critical part of treatment for a lot of health problems that arise. This is why there are blood drives (you know, the Big Red Bus) asking people to donate blood.

Along with water and enzymes, plasma also contains important components called antibodies.

These help with clotting, and the proteins albumin and fibrinogen are present. When you donate blood, healthcare providers can separate these vital parts from your plasma.

These components are used as treatments that can help save the lives of people suffering from major burns, internal shock, trauma, and other painful medical emergencies.

Regenerative Medicine Does Work for many aspects and issues that the body may be experiencing.

What is the main difference between Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Treatments?

Stem Cell Therapy is more advanced in terms of treatment compared to PRP Therapy.

PRP recruits growth factors to be supplied to the injured area to aid in healing.

Stem Cell Therapy performs the same duties that PRP offers, which is initiating the body’s repair response. But, it also enhances stem cell activity for regeneration (regrowth of bones, muscles, cartilage, etc)

If Needed, You Can Even Combine Stem Cells and PRP for a faster, better result.

When administered together (by a board certified doctor in Orlando), the end result of both treatments together is usually a much faster healing process. Studies have shown that PRP boosts the effectiveness and speed of the stem cell therapy.

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Dr Gayles Regenerative Medicine

I have had two stem cell procedures with Dr Gayles and his amazing staff. I came to the office specifically because they do these types of procedures and I wanted to see about regenerative medicine. Everyone is so professional and helpful and although I’m only a few weeks out of my last procedure so still healing I can already tell a difference in the treated areas. Nicole and Nikki are also very quick to answer any questions that come up and through my laser treatments help me so much. I highly recommend this office and their regenerative medicine.

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