Stem Cells and Knee Pain — Understanding it Fully

Stem cells and knee pain, from a patient’s perspective, is a big deal. If you’re told that you have an arthritic knee and that you’re going to need a knee replacement, there is a lot to consider. As people develop knee arthritis their function becomes limited and they start to lose the ability to continue with the kinds of exercise and extra curricular activities that they enjoy. Also, knee replacement surgery itself is a major surgical procedure, involving pain, time off work, a long time to recover and rehabilitation afterwards, and potential risks, with no guarantees of a successful outcome.

Stem Cell Injections for Knees

Stem cell therapy uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to help repair and slow the deterioration of tissues within the body tissues, such as cartilage. Stem cells and knee pain are a very popular topic because so many people have been healed without surgery! therapy for knees aims to slow and repair damaged cartilage. In turn, decreasing inflammation and reducing pain. Stem cells for knees may be able to provide relief to a lot of people. It carries the possibility to make knee joint pain obsolete.

How Does the Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Work?

If you choose to do stem cell treatment for knee pain, you can rest assured that the process will be very simple in comparison to other treatments for chronic knee problems, such as biological knee replacement.

To prepare for stem cell treatment, you will need to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) at least two weeks prior to the day of your procedure. When you make an appointment with Dr. Gayles, you will receive more specific instructions.

There are two ways to derive stem cells for your knee injections. First, your doctor can use stem cells from donated umbilical cord blood. In this case, the procedure may begin immediately. Alternately, your doctor can obtain adult stem cells from your own bone marrow.

Your doctor will numb your affected knee and use detailed images as a guide to place the stem cells exactly where they are needed to facilitate healing.

The entire stem cell injection process typically takes less than one hour, so you’ll be able to return home from Dr. Gayle’s office in Orlando or Merritt Island on the very same day.

Let Dr. Richard Gayles, MD Relieve Your Knee Pain

Dr. Gayles provides a wide range of orthopedic treatments for knee, shoulder, back and hip pain. He has experience working with professional athletes and non-athletes who want to get back to doing what they love. Before you receive stem cell therapy, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Gayles. Together, you will review your options and decide on the best plan of action. If you choose to try stem cell treatment for your knees, you’ll schedule an appointment for the procedure. Some patients need only one visit for the entire treatment, while others may need a few.

Want to Learn More About Pain in Different Areas?

Visit RestoraLife (Nona Medical Arts’ partner in Regenerative Medicine) for an interactive body pain diagram.

Stem Cells and Knee Pain

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