Amniotic Injections (Amniject™)

amniotic injections

Amniotic injections may be used to treat wounds, soft tissue defects and joint conditions. These stem cells may be applied topically or injected into deep tissues. Besides stem cells, they also contain growth factors, proteins and other extracellular components which facilitate the healing process, reduce inflammation and act as a scaffold for new tissue growth.

Amniject™ is an ambient temperature amniotic liquid allograft derived from the amniotic liquid within the placenta to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction.

Amniotic fluid (AF) is the protective media which surrounds the amnion, the sac which encloses a developing fetus in the womb. This amniotic membrane (AM) and fluid have been found to be excellent sources of stem cells or precursor cells that have the ability to multiply and transform into cells of any tissue. Stem cells aid in the repair and regeneration of tissues and can be used to treat various orthopedic injuries and conditions.

The amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid are usually discarded after birth but may be obtained from a donor with prior consent after a cesarean section. It is then developed into a biologic therapy which can be cryopreserved or frozen for later use.

What Are Amniotic Fluid Injections?

Amniotic injections are comprised of amniotic stem cells (ASCs) that are a mixture of cells from amniotic fluid and tissue. Amniotic fluid is the protective liquid that lubricates the embryo. It is made from maternal blood plasma and is often referred to as “pregnant woman’s water.”

One of the most important characteristics of ASCs is that they have the ability to transform into numerous different types of tissues, including skin, cartilage, cardiac, nerve, muscle, and bone. When extracted from the amniotic sac (using a process called amniocentesis), they have the potential to help a wide range of medical conditions. Once harvested, the amniotic fluid is then injected into the area in question, working to regenerate the cells and heal the damaged tissue.

Conditions Treated

Degenerative joint disorders such as:

Sports Injuries


Joint pain

Inflammatory conditions such as:




Soft tissue injuries such as:

Ligament & Tendon sprains

Muscle & Meniscus tears

Amniotic Injections may be covered by your insurance company, such as Medicare and Tricare. Ask us today.

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