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Electrical Nerve Block for Post-Amputation and Chronic Pain

Electrical Nerve Block for Amputation PainNeuros Medical, a Cleveland, Ohio based neuromodulation company, is focused on the development of proprietary therapies for unmet needs to patients worldwide. The Company’s patented platform technology, Electrical Nerve Block, is focused on the treatment of chronic pain in a variety of applications including post-amputation pain, chronic post surgical pain, and chronic migraine.

Eletrical Nerve Block Clinical Trail

Brief Summary:
The purpose of the clinical trial is to learn whether electrical nerve block via the Altius System is a safe and effective treatment for patients with post-amputation pain.

Detailed Description:
The Altius System is an implanted device designed to electrically block nerve signals and alleviate pain. Use of this device may be associated with providing an effective, mechanism-based yet non-destructive, treatment for managing intractable limb pain in amputees. In a given patient, the Altius System will be deemed effective if treatment results in 50% reduction of pain score for more than 50% of all pain episodes.

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