Exosomes can be generated from any type of cell in your body. The Exosomes used by your doctor are derived from placental MSC (Mesenchyal stem cells)- placentas that have been harvested with permission of birthing mothers after scheduled C-sections. The mother is put through rigorous blood tests to assure that there are no infectious deseases present, however, there is no fetal material (DNA) in Exosomes.

What is unique about using Exosomes for Regenerative Medicine is that since they come from placental tissue, they are much younger than adult stem cells that you would normally use (for example, a Bone marrow or Adipose treatment). Adult stem cells aren’t as vibrant as an Exosomes type of treatment because you only have about 110 growth factors with adult stem cells versus 300 growth factors with Exosomes. Also, the lower potency of adult stem cells means they are active with their growth factors for 3-7 days versus Exosomes, which are active for 2-3 months.

Exosomes can regenerate tissue in a specific site as well as to treat a systemic/whole body condition(s) (Lyme Disease for instance). Site specific Exosome treatments must be used with Pure PRP, as the Pure PRP keeps the healing elements of the Exosomes are loaded with anti-inflammatory cytokines and interleukins, which can provide almost immediate pain relief. This may conservative after care and/or physical therapy program for 3-6 weeks, so you don’t accidentally reinjure yourself.