Many people suffering from back pain opt surgery as the last solution to end their pain. It is seen that out of 10 as many as 8 people go through back pain in America but surgery does not quite end their pain in most of the cases but tends to make the situation even worse than before. This is why you should consider pain specialist Orlando Florida first.

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Dr. Hanscom who is an orthopedic surgeon has written a book named “Back in Control: A spine surgeon’s roadmap out of chronic pain.” He is also currently in practice in Seattle what he tells is that most of the patients who come to him suffering from back pain don’t need surgery at all.

Dr. Hanscom himself has been suffering from a burnout in a severe condition consisting of 16 NPD symptoms and he himself despite being a doctor did not know the nature of the problem and what it will be in the next 15 years.

One of his 16 symptoms was chronic pain. He shared his experience with his patients and explained that he negligently solved his chronic pain back in the year 2003 and after a few years he discovered that he had been fully suffering from Neurophysiologic Disorder (NPD).

The root cause to NPD is anxiety and stress

Because of these two the body comes fully loaded with adrenaline and every organ of the body starts working and responding rapidly Dr. Hanscom explains that an adrenalized nervous system causes up to 30 symptoms. Contact to any pain specialist Orlando Florida  to get rid of back pain.

Some of the symptoms of NPD are migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, burning on the feet, itching on the scalp, migratory skin rashes and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and out of those 16 symptoms which Dr. Hanscom suffered these were majorly included.

According to him the pain he suffered was brutal and he explains that at that time he didn’t realize that anxiety was also one of the major manifestations of neurophysiological disorder. He said that he had developed a lot of anxiety inside him and he also explained that overcoming all this anxiety made him a major spine surgeon.

We all know about this theory that when we tend to not think of something we come to think about it more, right? So interestingly the overcoming of anxiety has a lot to do with the burn out rate like about 50 to 55 percent.

People tend to stay quiet and not talk about anxiety but whenever Dr. Hanscom gives out his lectures he always remembers to mention this word and he talks about anxiety only because he has gone though it himself. Mental pain also commonly known as anxiety and physical pain both are processed by the brain the same part so they are one and the same.

After all the struggles of Dr. Hanscom for a decade and a half he finally discovered how to recover chronic pain he made a system for curing this pain not only the physical one but the mental/emotional one too which is a component of anger and anxiety he himself recovered from it with luck constant trying and error.

The process he developed is not really new; it actually involves going through different ways of how to allow you to calm down and de adrenaline one’s nervous system. Hundreds and Hundreds of patients have tried this and it resulted in a success and lead to better lives free of pain. This system consists of Expressive writing.