Susan Clark

Services Provided

• Orthopedic Evaluations
• Joint Injections
• Sports Medicine
• Sports Nutrition
• Cutting-Edge Laboratory testing
• Weight Management
• Gut Health
• Immune Response
• Adrenal Dysfunction
• Detoxification
• Whole Body Wellness

Susan Clark

• Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
• Master Science and Nursing

Susan Clark was born and raised in Germany. She moved to Florida with her family at the age of 17.
She obtained her bachelor’s degree of Nursing at University of Central Florida in 1986.

She immediately started working in the Intensive Care Unit at Cape Canaveral Hospital. Wanting to further her carrier she started working toward a master’s degree in Hospital Administration and graduated from FIT in Melbourne with an MBA in 1994.

She soon realized she wanted to continue with patient care. While still working in ICU as charge nurse she decided to commute to Tampa to University of South Florida to pursue her goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. She graduated with a master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner in 1997.

After obtaining her Nurse Practitioner degree she worked in the emergency department at Steward Hospital for a short period of time when she received an offer to work at The BACK Center in Melbourne Florida. While there she assisted in surgery, saw patients in the hospital and office, started an Osteoporosis Clinic and ran the Clinical Research department.

Working with patient’s and helping them with their pain has always been her passion. Working with the surgeons at The BACK Center gave her a much broader understanding of spinal conditions and the pain that can occur due to these conditions. She also obtained a very broad knowledge of the latest treatment options for spinal conditions and osteoporosis.

After working at The Back Center, she decided to step back from the surgical treatment of patients however still wanted to help patients that were having pain. She therefore started working with Dr. Gayles in 2008. Since then, she has continued her care of pain patients and patients with osteoporosis.

She is always trying to understand the whole patient and not just focus on one aspect of their care. Her main passion is helping patients in pain and preventing fractures in osteoporosis patients.

As medicine advances there are many new treatment options on the horizon that she is very excited to share with her patients to try to help them lead the healthiest and best life possible.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of Central Florida

Master of Business Administration

Florida Institute of Technology

Master Nurse Practitioner

University of South Florida