What is a Joint Injection? How do they work?

This quick procedure can relieve pain associated with severe arthritis or injury to major joints like the shoulder and hip. It is a simple injection of anesthetic and a steroid, which will help alleviate pain and reduce swelling in the area.

Benefits from a Joint Injection

This simple injection is an out-patient procedure that only takes a few minutes. It allows patients to resume normal activities sooner that other treatments, although depending on a patient’s need and severity of pain, multiple injections might be needed to feel positive benefits fully.

When will I see results?

It is normal to feel immediate relief after the procedure because of the anesthetic that is given, however this relief will wear off within several hours. Patients can expect to see lasting relief in the days following an injection, after the steroid has time to interact with surrounding tissues.


The injection site is sanitized and numbed with local anesthetic, and then the physician will guide the needle into the correct position using the help of real time x-ray equipment. To ensure the correct placement a contrast dye is injected, and then the medication is given. A small bandage is placed and your doctor may discuss a timeline of physical limitations.

Risk Factors

There is a risk of complication with any medical procedure. Take time to discuss treatment options and any questions you may have with your physician, before agreeing with a procedure.