If you have never been to under Pain medicine Orlando Florida care before, it’s normal to be a little anxious before your first visit. If you are going to a licensed practitioner, however, you have nothing to worry about and they are likely heavily experienced in your particular ailment. Whether you’re considering if you’re ready for an initial consultation, if you are just trying to calm your nerves, or if you’re trying to satisfy your curiosity, I can hopefully explain what you should be looking forward to.

First Visit

Pain medicine Orlando Florida

The first visit to any chiropractor is most likely going to be roughly the same everywhere. Your chosen practitioner will carry out an initial assessment, asking you questions and identifying any symptoms you may have. Your chiropractic practitioner will also carry out a physical exam on you, focusing on things such as your spine and they should be actively trying to identify any sources of pain you have, locating it whilst trying to cause the most minimal amount of discomfort to you. The information they gather on the first assessment is crucial and will be important for every future visit, be as honest as possible; the patient’s input is the most important thing in diagnoses.

Actual Treatment at Pain medicine Orlando Florida

Your chiropractic practitioner can recommend you various things that they feel will help your situation before they get started on trying to intervene themselves. These things can include, but are not limited to, a recommended diet, pre-planned exercises, and rehabilitation techniques, and may even recommend changes in your regular lifestyle such as less work, or even no work at all. Once they start treatment, you could be subject to muscle manipulation techniques such as a routine massage. A majority of the work a chiropractor carries out is with their hands, applying force and pressure to certain parts of the body and spine which will vary depending on the patient and the type of pain or discomfort they are experiencing. There are regular patients who undergo acupuncture on the advice of their chiropractor, this can be a controversial topic within the world of chiropractic care with many practitioners claiming it has no place in the field. Acupuncture, however, is becoming more and more frequent and if your chiropractor does recommend it to you, be sure to do a lot of research to see if you are suitable and whether or not it is something you wish to put yourself through.


What Can I Expect?

There are many people who leave their Pain medicine Orlando Florida office feeling dissatisfied because they might not have been cured of their problem, but I implore you not to become one. Sometimes, it can take multiple treatments for the effects to show, patience is key when dealing with your health. However, sometimes it can take all but twenty minutes to get rid of the uninvited pain in your body, with the actual treatment being nothing more than approximately three seconds of pressure being applied. During treatment, you may experience slight discomfort or hear noises such as cracking or popping. This is a normal part of chiropractic care and is nothing to worry about. If, however, you feel like the treatment has to stop at any time, do not be afraid to tell your practitioner as they will never want to put you in unnecessary discomfort or pain.

Overall, the experience varies from person to person, just as the ailments do. Pain medicine Orlando Florida care is a great way to treat certain types of pain on your body; if it is not right for you, you most likely will have lost nothing from the experience and I would definitely recommend going if you are already on the fence about the topic.